Emma Dixon

Emma Dixon

Assistant Region Chief Commissioner

The assistant chief commissioner is responsible for supporting the chief commissioner and deputy chief commissioner in her role as the lead volunteer for the organisation.

Emma's guiding journey goes way back to when she was a Rainbow when her mum introduced her to the organisation after her own positive experiences. Emma flew through all the sections and while a Ranger, she began volunteering at the Brownie unit that she used to be a part of. Five years later, she is still an enthusiastic leader at the very same unit. That's not all she's been keeping busy with; Emma is also a Girlguiding Action for Change Network Coach, having been a former Action for Change participant. 

In speaking of her newest role, and a big one at that, Emma shares: "I am really eager to share my passion for Girlguiding and for our amazing region and I feel that now is the perfect time for me to do so. My other roles have led me to discover confidence and self-belief that I didn’t know I had.  This position will give me an even greater platform to promote guiding, and develop strategies to ensure that as many young women as possible benefit from the organisation in the same way that I have." 

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