Paula Knapper

Paula Knapper

Region Inclusion and Diversity Adviser

The Region Inclusion and Diversity Adviser is a port of call and support for any queries surrounding the integration of girls, young women and adults who may feel they are in need of extra support. They offer advice, training and support in opening guiding to girls and adults with additional needs, encouraging the growth of guiding amongst new communities and to promoting guiding as an inclusive organisation.

Paula has been in guiding since she was 7 years old and, like a lot of members, has never left. Paula is a Rainbow, Brownie and Guide leader, as well as a mentor and division commissioner, so she has vast experience in lots of roles. 

Paula herself is partially sighted, epileptic, dyslexic and suffers from mental health issues. She is married to a wonderful wife and has two children. Paula works in a nursery where she's training to be a SEND coordinator. 

In her role as adviser, Paula can offer guidance and advice with most things, as well as support with adaption plans and funding. 

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