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Leader Competition

Date: 2 September 2024


Here it is, our very own leader competition 18+.

There are two competitions for our North West England leaders and the briefs are;

1 – Design our new region chips and hike badge – this badge will be for our members going on a walk/hike to get some chips, whether that is from a local chippy, or a restaurant or other food vendor. It will give leaders a chance to design an exciting badge for members in the North West region, including Girlguiding British Overseas Territories, to take part in.

2 – Design a new, fun, and exciting badge for GGNWE including our Girlguiding British Girlguiding Overseas Territories – this competition will give leaders the opportunity to have creative freedom and design whatever they like. It does need to be a badge available to all sections.

Please submit your entry to either one or both competitions by sending a photo of your design to malika.hunter@girlguidingnwe.org.uk

Competition ends Monday 2 September 2024 9am. This gives our leaders the chance to enter during summer half term.


  • Badge templates Take your pick of badge shape!
  • A total of 10 colours to be used, our Girlguiding navy blue and white are included in the 10, choose your remaining 8
  • This is your creative masterpiece



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