Fundraise 50:50

2021 marks 50 years of guiding in North West England. Now more than ever, fundraising is of great importance to our charity, at all levels, to ensure that we are able to continue to provide amazing opportunities to girls and young women in our region for the next 50 years. So this year, we’re challenging you – our wonderful members and supporters – to raise funds for 50 years of Girlguiding North West England.

Whilst fundraising is extremely important to us at region-level, we know that it is equally important at all levels of guiding, particularly during this challenging time. So, Fundraise 50 50 is challenging everyone to fundraise as much as you can, to be divided equally (50/50) between Girlguiding North West England at region level and a unit, district, division or county of your choice.

We’d love it if you could do something 50-themed, to mark our 50 year anniversary. What will you choose? You could bake 50 cakes to sell, walk 50 miles in 50 days, bounce on a trampoline for 50 minutes, hold a 50 minute sponsored silence, sell 50 items at a car boot sale, or host a quiz with 50 questions….the possibilities are endless!

You can take on this fundraising quest on it's own, or you can do it as part of our 50th Birthday Region Challenge and earn five points under the Collaborate section!  

Everyone who participates in this fundraising challenge will get an exclusive badge at 50% of the cost price, just to say thank you for your contribution!  Just complete this form once you've finished your fundraising challenge and transferred the funds.

We've put together a flyer for you, full details in our FAQs and a handy sponsorship form too!