Building Small Units Grant

The building small units grant is available for established units that would like to expand or maintain their current membership, but have new or existing members unable to pay the membership fees. The purpose of the grant is to fund the weekly subs for a young member for a short period of time, or the annual subscription for a new or existing volunteer.

Aims of the Grant

To provide financial support to new and existing members to:

  • Increase the number of young members
  • Increase the number of volunteers, so more young members can join
  • Retain existing members so they can continue to be a part of guiding.

The grant of up to £100 will cover a range of areas including money spent to increase the number of young members and volunteers, as well as retaining existing members. 

Please read through the Application form and complete the form fully, making sure your Commissioner signs it too.

The applications close on Friday 2 June 2017. 

Download the Application Form here

If you have any questions about this grant, then please contact the Region office on 01772 791947, alternatively you can email them on