Membership Retention Fund


Are you struggling to find young leaders to support your unit/district/division/county?

Are you struggling to engage young leaders to participate in other opportunities?

Do you have/or are you a Guide, Ranger or young leader who has amazing ideas about how to encourage more members to participate in the opportunities that being a young leader offers?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have some region funding that we want to distribute to local levels (units/district/divisions/counties) to support the work that you are undertaking to;

  • Encourage older Guides/Rangers to think about becoming a young leader
  • To help young leaders understand other opportunities that may be available to them as members such as other qualifications or roles

We’re looking for innovative ideas and activities to help you identify new and retain Young Leaders.

You can apply for between £50-£400 for events and activities to encourage members to become young leaders or for them to find out more about being involved in young leader opportunities.  The project/activity you have in mind would need to take place in February or March 2019, and you need to be prepared to report back to the Region Office so that we can evaluate the activity and the final spend.

You could use the funding to;

  • hire an external facilitator to facilitate some sessions
  • cover the costs of venue hire
  • cover the costs of activities

You could also complement your activity/session with a social activity for the girls to enjoy afterwards and we can also fund you for travel expenses for the girls so that they can attend an event.

To take part, please complete the application form here

The deadline for this application is 25 January 2019 and funds will be awarded by 01 February 2019.