50th Birthday Challenge Pack

We're celebrating our 50th Birthday throughout 2021!

We'll be sharing plenty of birthday activities with you, kicking off with our fantastic 50th Birthday Challenge Pack, created by our Express youth forum members.

The challenge is made up of five sections - County, Collaborate, Challenge, Create and Celebrate! 

  • The County section encourages you to find out more about your own County, about other counties in the region, or about the region itself! 
  • We know that our members step up the mark, so we can't wait to see how you tackle the Challenge section - put on 50 items of clothing or make an obstacle course with 50 items and more! Also check out the Express!#50Challenge for even more points for this section!
  • The Collaborate section asks you to do just that - collaborate with another unit, another organisation or your community! 
  • For Create, make a 50th birthday cake, a sign or collage, or hold a gold-themed craft evening     
  • And finally, Celebrate with one big 50th Birthday Party!

The pack is suitable for all sections, so get together with your Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers to decide which activities you'd like to do!  Earn ten points to get each badge, and when you earn fifty points, get the circular centre badge for the full suite!

Don't forget to share your pictures with us - we'd love to see them and share them here and on our social media platforms!

To find out more, download the challenge pack below. FAQs are included in the pack, including advice on using the challenge in the current situation.

Download our 50th Birthday Challenge Pack click here; and for a print-friendly version click here.

Badges are now available! Get your from our online shop.

Watch out for more 50th Birthday fun coming soon!