Clever Cogs Challenge - Saving Places

Make way for our brand-new Clever Cogs Engineering Challenge, produced in partnership with BAE Systems.

This one’s all about Environmental Engineering; giving you a taste of different kinds of innovation that you might find within this field.

Environmental Engineering surrounds us all in our day-to-day lives and brings together many different types of science, such as Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Microbiology, and even Maths. Environmental Engineers come up with solutions to protect and improve our environment and to protect people from environmental effects such as pollution. They also help to improve the way we dispose of waste, control air and water pollution, and how we recycle in the best way possible. 

Overall, Environmental Engineers solve complex problems relating to the environment and come up with innovative solutions to make sure that we live our lives in the cleanest, most efficient way. And we can all admit how important that is - now more than ever!

Each activity in this pack is based on a different area of Environmental Engineering. This challenge is also jam-packed with incredible female engineers who have done some tremendous things to help us protect our planet. With these influential women and with the creative activities in this pack, you can release the environmentalists in your unit, and make some lifestyle changes along the way! As you complete the activities, think about how engineering has helped and what you and your unit could do to help create a positive impact on the environment.

The Clever Cogs challenge is suitable for all sections to take part in. You can choose to complete activities as a Six, Patrol or unit…or another grouping of your choice. 

To find out more, download the challenge pack below. FAQs are included in the pack, including some hints and tips on adapting the challenge for the current situation.

Download the Clever Cogs Challenge - Saving Places here.

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