Year of Adventure - Revisited!

During the past few months, we’ve been finding lots of ways to stay engaged and get adventurous, both indoors and outdoors.

Did you know that some of what you may already be doing individually or with your unit (virtually) may be covered in our YOA activities?

Why not put a stamp on it and add to your badge collection? Over the next few months, we’re inviting everyone to get outdoors – while following government social distancing guidelines - learn new skills, and try something different.

The Year of Adventure is filled with various activities that can be tailored to unique interests, age ranges, and resources. It's awesome that you can make it your OWN adventure. 

Be a litter hero, find a way, share an adventure, and lots more.

There’s plenty of exciting things you can do. And, great news, we’ve extended the challenge until 31 December 2020, so all of our adventure seekers can complete their activities and get their badges in time.

Badges are £1 each and are available here.

Download the challenge sheet here to find and more and the log form here to get started.

And don't forget to fill out the short survey once the challenge is completed here. 

Your adventure awaits…