Boredom Busters

Social Distancing doesn’t mean you’re going to be bored (!), especially with these fab activities from some of our ever so popular challenge packs – all of which you can do at home!

With a variety of different activities all in one place, there’s plenty to keep you busy while having bags of fun! As you make your way through them, you’ll see yourself putting on your engineering hat one day, getting sporty in your garden the next, and exploring women’s rights the next!

Even if you’ve explored them with your unit before, why not revisit them to see how you can get even more creative with them. Leaders can support their members to do these activities through virtual meetings, or parents can keep the kids busy with these simple yet engaging activities. But that’s not to say adults can’t complete them too; we don’t need an excuse to be big kids and get creative, right?

Chocolate Bridges – Clever Cogs

This one’s from our recent Clever Cogs – Going Places Challenge, and with the release of the new one coming up, what a perfect way to look forward to it. Plus, it involves chocolate – what’s not to love. After you’ve completed your bridge, you can indulge in your tasty structure! How tall and long can you make your chocolate bridge?

Note: We appreciate that shopping for food is rather challenging at this moment in time, so we suggest only doing this activity if you have the ingredients available to you, and will eat the food when complete. 

Design your own mascot - Energise

Many sports teams have official mascots which symbolise the team and are used to spread team spirit! If you had your own sports team, whether it was cheer leading, rugby, ice hockey, or whichever sport of your choice, what would your mascot look like? Have a go at designing your very own mascot and, to make your ideas come to life, why not make it a 3D version with Papier Mache?

Animal Yoga – Energise

What a perfect time to practice some yoga. It improves strength, flexibility and boosts physical and mental well-being. Lots of yoga poses are inspired by animals. Which one will you enjoy the most? Hissing like a cobra (?), or releasing your inner butterfly? You’ll also get a chance to create your own animal yoga pose.

Get glittery – Let’s Go…Support
If you’ve got some glitter going spare, why not create a shining sky in a jar or paint the sky? There might be a limit to travelling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the northern lights to your living room. You can even show it off in your guiding window display to light up your street. We suggest using greens, purples, reds and blues, which mimic the incredible blends of colours caused by electrons from the solar winds in high-latitude regions, such as Finland.

Create yourself as a Haltija – Let’s Go…Support

We’re not quite fin(n)ished with exploring the Nordic culture. Haltija’s are the Finnish version of gnomes and fairies and are believed to serve as protective spirits. Many natives believe they look over all things, including nature, buildings, and even humans. It’s safe to say we all need to feel a little protected right now. A special kind of Haltija is the Joulutonttu, seen only at Christmas time; they are similar to Christmas elves, though without pointed ears. Why not have a go at recreating yourself as a Haltija? What or who would you watch over?

Create your own Safari

Keeping up with the international theme, it's time for an animal adventure! Learn facts about different animals and create pictures of your favourite ones to place around the house. You can do a virtual tour during virtual guiding meetings or treat the family to their very own safari. You can even dress up like tour guide for that true safari experience!

Dazzling Donation Box - Motivate

Raising money for charities is super uplifting as it is, but achieving that with your very own donation box adds that little bit more excitement. Create your very own donation box and think about which sporting charity you would like to raise money for. When we can go back to guiding life as normal, you can even get permission to place your donation box/es around your community to see how much money your dazzling donation box can raise.

Marvellous Medal - Motivate

We all know someone who deserves a medal, be it for a sporting activity or just something incredible that they deserve recognition for, particularly with the incredible gestures and hard work during this pandemic. Why not get creative and make a medal for someone you love.

Explore Equal Rights for Women - Vote 100

Did you know that, 100 years ago, men over the age of 21 and women over 30 who held £5 of property (or whose household did!), were given the right to vote via the Representation of the People Act. It wasn’t until ten years later, in the Equal Franchise Act of 1928, that women were given the same voting rights as men. Wow – we have come a long way, but there’s still lots of work to do. As part of the campaigning, Suffragettes used posters to deliver their political view that all women should be given the right to vote. Can you think of some areas where gender differences still exist? Have a go at creating your own equal rights poster, sending the message about what you want to achieve.

Suffragette Badge/Rosette - Vote 100

Now that you’ve created a poster to support equal rights for women, you’re well on your way to continuing the great legacy of incredible suffragettes like Emmeline Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett and Ethel Smyth, to name a few. Badges were a popular way for Suffragettes to spread their message – we’re not the only ones who love a good badge; these would often include purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity and green for hope. With this in mind, have a go at creating your very own Suffragette badge.

Den Building - Year of Adventure 

Social distancing doesn’t mean the adventure needs to stop. You can create incredible adventures from the comfort of your own home. Why not start by building your very own den or shelter; you can do this in your bedroom, living room or - if you’re feeling particularly creative - outside! During the next few weeks, it can be your safe haven and place that you go to retreat. Which family member will get a VIP pass to visit your exciting den?

Try a new sport - Year of Adventure 

Things may not be operating as normal with schools and guiding at a bit of a halt, but it’s important to keep moving and stay active. Have you ever wanted to explore a new sport or physical activity and never got around to it? Now’s the perfect time to do it! What will you try? Ultimate frisbee, croquet, volleyball, or even foot golf! Change the rules to suit what equipment, people and space you have available. If you’re feeling more creative, can you think of your own sport? What would the rules be and how would people compete?

Create a comic strip of your favourite book - Reading Hack 

We all love a good story, but what if we had the chance to recreate our favourite books into fun comic strips. Well, now we can with this cool activity! All you have to do is pick your favourite book (a tricky decision) and replace the words with pictures to tell the same story. You can either draw your pictures by hand or, for older girls, get super creative using design software.

150 Word Challenge - Reading Hack 

Sometimes we don’t just want to recreate a story that we have already written; sometimes our imagination goes wild and we want to invent our own story, from scratch. The challenge here is to write a story using only 150 words! Short stories are designed to be fun, engaging and snappy. You can even work with others to each write 150 specific words to form part of one big story.

Happy Memories Book - Reading Hack

Now is the time to stay positive and to reflect on amazing guiding memories as a way to look forward to exciting things, once we can go back to guiding life as we know it. We’re encouraging you to create your own Happy Memories book using different items; you can include photos, your favourite quotes and details about your most precious memories, such as camps and international experiences. We also know that some of the best memories are created right at home in weekly unit meetings – include them too! When we go back to unit meetings as usual, you can share them with each other!


Note: There are plenty more activities that you can tailor to virtual guiding meetings and to your home environment, in the Reading Hack challenge, as with all of our other challenge packs, which you will find in the leaders' area. 

We love to see all the fab, fun things you're doing at home to stay creative and to keep the guiding spirit up. Don't forget to share your photos on social media, using the hashtag #GGNWEBoredomBusters and remember to tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.