Keepin' it Kind


Coronavirus is contagious...but so is kindness. 

During this difficult time, we’re encouraging our members and the wider community to give a helping hand.

It has been so lovely to see such togetherness and solidarity at a time like this, and we can only get through it by being mindful and by supporting each other as best as we can.

We were so inspired by all of the kindness that we’ve been seeing in our communities, that we created some cards, too… with a guiding spin, of course!

So, why not give a helping hand to someone and make their day. You can offer to help them with their shopping, a few errands, or even give them a friendly phone call.

It is easy to feel lonely during self-isolation and a simple phone call can make a world of difference to someone. Equally, at a time of stockpiling, it can be helpful if you could spare some time to do some shopping for someone, to ensure that they have everything they need. The possibilities are endless with what you can do to help, and one small act truly does make a BIG difference. 

What will you do to help? 

Download this sheet, cut out your cards, jot down your acts of kindness, and be on your way to helping your community. There is also a handy space where you can add some words of encouragement.

Do remember to wash your hands before printing and distributing your Helping Hand cards.

Please continue to follow the guidelines on social distancing and self-quarantining and only complete this initiative if you’re able to.