Programme Planning for Blended Guiding

Support with programme planning for all guiding sections in Autumn 2020

Planning for the next term will be different than usual. There are lots of different things to think about - Government and Girlguiding guidance, local lockdowns, personal circumstances and even the weather! But don’t let these unknowns get in the way of planning a fun and varied programme for your unit.

It’s likely we will need to take a blended approach to guiding going forward. This means considering that some activities may be able to be face-to-face, while others may still have to be virtual, or completed in other ways at home (such as through the use of activity packs).

Blended guiding doesn’t mean you will have to do double the planning - we have some tips and ideas to help you plan a flexible programme. We want to help you be able to plan the term so that it is possible to create one programme plan that can be delivered regardless of the meeting type. So, if your outdoor activity is rained off, you could easily run the same activity as a virtual meeting instead!

Unit Meeting Activities & Skills Builders

Top tips for fitting programme activities into blended guiding:

  • Choose activities with no equipment, or very simple equipment. If you plan to do a UMA or SB face-to-face, but then have to change your plans to a virtual meeting, it will be helpful if the resources are things which girls will already have at home.
  • Choose activities which can be done individually or as a unit. Activities which require girls to pair up or work in small groups will be more difficult to coordinate virtually, and more difficult to practice social distancing.
Challenge Packs

Tips for adapting challenge pack activities to suit blended guiding:

  • Lots of these activities can be done individually, rather than in small groups, so that social distancing can be followed. This also means that, if the meeting is virtual, everyone can still join in.
  • For some activities, it may be possible for you to provide individual equipment for each girl – this should also be equipment that would be on hand should the meeting be virtual. For some activities, it may be easier for individuals to bring their own basic equipment to the meeting.
  • Certain activities don’t really lend themselves to blended guiding – a slime recipe, for example, requires fairly unusual ingredients.
  • Don’t be afraid to adapt activities to make them more suitable for the blended guiding approach – a spaghetti and marshmallow tower could instead be built from household recycling, for example – the girls will still be learning about engineering!

Clever Cogs

Earthquake Proof Buildings

Signalling Challenge

Design a New Sport (extra challenge: make sure the sport you design is suitable for social distancing!

Clever Cogs Going Places

Build a boat

Snowy Science


Sport for All (extra challenge: discuss accessible sporting activities that could also be played socially distanced!)

Interview a Local Sport Personality (invite them to either a virtual or face-to-face meeting)

Let’s Participate

Motivate Sport Young Leader Activity Session (invite a local SYL to deliver an activity session for your unit, either face to face, socially distanced, or virtually. Or, why not use one of the pre-recorded SYL activity sessions on YouTube)

Year of Adventure

Try a New Sport

In the Dark (perfect for when the nights draw in. Look for constellations, learn about space, either outdoors or looking out of the window from home)

Share an Adventure


Here are some activity ideas that you could use to get you started planning a programme for blended guiding. Activities, crafts or sports which can be done as individuals work well, as these suit either socially distanced, face-to-face meetings, or virtual meetings. For example, you may plan to learn some origami at a face-to-face meeting, but if circumstances change, this activity could easily be carried out virtually instead.

For younger girls

  • Make salt dough and have a go at making it into different shapes
  • Silly hats – Invite girls to come to the meeting wearing something silly as a hat. Take turns to describe your hat and persuade everyone that yours is the silliest hat of all!
  • Invite someone to talk about their job or charity
  • Invite a local campaigner/activist to talk about what they do and encourage girls to make change
  • Make fairy houses – You could use things from nature for a face-to-face meeting, or household items if the meeting is virtual.
  • Make no-sew teddies using fluffy socks and elastic bands 

For older girls

  • Have a go at yoga, or laughter yoga. You could invite someone to lead this face-to-face or virtually, or try to copy from videos/images
  • Learn some origami
  • Invite someone to talk about their job or charity
  • Invite a local campaigner/activist to talk about what they do and encourage girls to make change
  • Take a look at Girlguiding’s End Period Poverty
  • Try creating some giant ‘art attack’ art. You could use things from nature if you are able to have a face-to-face meeting, or for a virtual meeting, girls could use household items

Here are some ideas for games which could be played either face-to-face at a social distance, or virtually. Any other action games or talking games would also work well for planning a blended programme!

For younger girls

  • Bean game – Call out different types of beans for girls to do the corresponding action: runner bean (run on spot), broad bean (make yourself as wide as possible), jelly bean (act wobbly), chilli bean (pretend to be cold)
  • Simon says
  • Buzzy bees – Everyone buzzes around in their own space until you call out different types of bee to act out: happy bee, confused bee, angry bee.
  • Action name game – Take turns for girls to say their name and do an alliteration action: “I’m galloping Grace” “I’m nodding Nadiya” “I’m star-jumping Sasha”
  • I went to the supermarket and I bought…

For older girls

  • Guess the rule game – double letters. Take turns to say something you want to buy, but you’re only allowed to buy it if it has a double letter (don’t tell anyone this rule though, they have to try and work it out as the game is played!) “I want to buy a pear” – No, you can’t buy a pear. “I want to buy an apple” – Yes, you can buy that!
  • 2 truths 1 lie
  • Bingo
  • Mime game – Person 1 mimes something, such as horse-riding. Person 2 asks them “What are you doing?”. Person 1 replies with something completely different to what they’re actually doing, e.g. “Flipping pancakes”. Person 2 then has to mime this. Repeat until everyone has a go
  • 20 questions 
Click here to download our blank planner for you to use to plan your blended programme.
Other Activities

in addition to the above resources, Girlguiding have produced an 'easy pick up' six week programme for both virtual and socially distanced groups, which can be found here

Be sure to also take a look at the Adventures at Home Hub and Girlguiding YouTube page for even more ideas.

Whatever you do, remember to check and follow all of the Girlguiding guidance before planning and running a face-to-face meeting.
If you were unable to participate in one of our blended guiding sessions, don't worry, you can find the recordings below:

Rainbow leader session

Brownie leader session

Guide leader session

Ranger leader session