Adventures in Copenhagen

Over 400 of our members have just returned from an unforgettable trip across Europe, as part of Girlguiding North West England’s Senior Section Centenary celebrations.

Together with their Leaders, the young women planned their routes and by using different modes of transport they travelled to Copenhagen, joining another 400 Girlguiding members from across the Region for ‘Adventures in Copenhagen’.  

Once there, the girls and young women were told to meet in the centre of the city, to take part in a large scale wide game which involved challenging tasks and activities situated at the city’s most famous landmarks. From tug-of-wars to creative design tasks, these challenges put the girls to the test.

Julie Bell, the Region Chief Commissioner said: “The event in Copenhagen was fantastic. It was great to see so many of our members travelling independently through Europe; having their own international adventures. Being part of Girlguiding provides so many unique opportunities for girls and young women.” 

Every two years, Girlguiding North West England organises an international event known as ‘Adventures in…’ with the help of a team of volunteers. Led by two experienced Advisers, the team aims to encourage and support Leaders to complete their travelling abroad module within a supportive environment and to give girls the chance to travel abroad as a group.

Jen Herbert, the Region International Adviser for Girlguiding NWE, said: “International opportunities within Girlguiding are a great chance for both leaders and our girls and young women to develop personally. I have experienced this myself both as a participant and first hand leading trips, so it was great to be able to run an event that allowed so many members to travel abroad this summer and get together to celebrate the Senior Section Centenary. The main event is always a highlight, although personally, I enjoyed meeting everyone at the airport, seeing the excitement and eagerness to explore and hearing their stories. For some, this was the first time they’d held a passport and left the UK; and what a great way to do it!”