Be part of our brand new sports social action project - Motivate


We’re delighted to announce that the Motivate project is to be piloted in Greater Manchester West County! Motivate, sports social action through guiding, is our brand new sports project funded by Sport England and the #iwill fund.

Motivate will be led by the new Sport Development Worker, Sue Whitehead and the newly appointed Region Sport Adviser, Anne-Marie Knott.

We’re looking to recruit and train members of the Senior Section, between 14-18 years, in sports leadership and support them in developing and delivering a sports social action project in their local community; linking with local partners/sports clubs/organisations.

Sport attracts many young people and can provide a springboard to social action. Just over half of young people say they prefer sport to other volunteering pastimes. The Sport England Potentials Fund aims to unlock the potential that young people have whilst also developing the skills and experience they need for their own future.

Anne-Marie Knott, Region Sport Adviser, said: “This is a fantastic project that combines sport and guiding, and preparing girls for the ever-changing industry. In business, there are three types of people, those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened."

Once the pilot is underway in Greater Manchester West, we will be looking to roll out in other counties across the region.


How do I apply?

If you're interested in this opportunity, then please complete the application form below, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Complete the application form here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Region HQ on 01772 791 947 or via email on