Become a Girlguiding Council Member

Bring your unique perspective to the Girlguiding Council

We are looking for new Elected Council Members to represent Girlguiding North West England in the national Girlguiding Council. This could this be your opportunity to have your say on plans for the future of Girlguiding.

Find out more about the role of the Council in how Girlguiding is run

What will you do as an Elected Member of the Girlguiding Council?
  • Attend the annual Council meeting and Girlguiding AGM and take an active part in debates concerning the future direction and priorities of Girlguiding.
  • Between Council meetings, seek the views of members in your Region on Girlguiding’s big strategic projects and share their ideas to help decide the organisation’s future direction.
  • Act as a change agent and role model in your Country/Region as part of the regional Council team.
Why should you apply?
  • If you have something to say this is a forum to say it and to give others around you that opportunity too.
  • Being a member of Council is a unique opportunity to be part of your Regional Council team and to have your say in the direction of Girlguiding at a UK level.
  • Perhaps in the future you would like to be on a Girlguiding governance committee or to be a Girlguiding Trustee or lead volunteer? This role will give you the chance to build relevant experience and skills.
When and where

Girlguiding Elected Members serve an initial term of three years and may be invited to serve a second term. The Council meets once a year in May or June and may be requested to meet a second time by the Board of Trustees.

If you are successful in your application your first meeting will be in London. You will be asked to input your ideas between meetings and to engage members in your Region in consultations.

How to Apply

To be successful you will need to show that you:

  • have the ability to lead discussions with others
  • research the opinions of members in your Region
  • are passionate about shaping the future of Girlguiding
  • are a current member over the age of 14

The application pack gives you full details about the application process and guidance on who to ask to nominate you.

Please fill in the application pack below and email it to

The closing date is 8 April 2018, so remember to ask your two nominees for supporting statements in plenty of time!

Download your Application pack here.

Download the Application form here.  

Download the Nomination form here.