BLOG: UK Parliament Week Resource

Check out Charlotte and Gemma's blog all about our UK Parliament Week Resource, to find out how it was put together and what their unit’s got up to!

Earlier in the year we joined eight other members from across the Region to put together a resource for UK Parliament Week, which took place from 13th-19th November. The resource arrived in October, and we could tell straight away that it was going to be a great activity! The exciting package was filled to the brim with Parliament Week goodies which we used on the night. The bunting, balloons and stickers went down really well with the girls!

Our favourite activity, to do as a unit was the ‘Rule your own island’ activity. The girls had a number of cards showing items on board their sinking ship, and they had to choose which ones they’d save to take to the desert island. This was a really fun activity which involved debating, listening to each other and making decisions.

When the ships had sunk and the islands were populated the activity led into a discussion of the fairest way to make decisions, and whether or not the groups had been democratic. Relating the activity to the system of government in the UK led to some really insightful conversations. Carrie, aged 8, said "I found out that Parliament make important decisions - before today I thought that the Queen made all of the decisions!"

We also made use of the mini ballot box to hold a mini-election, something that seems to have been popular with a lot of units! We held an election to vote for a Brownie Prime Minister and each of the candidates gave a speech to explain why they should be chosen. There were some fantastic leaders, and we definitely hope to see some of our girls standing in a real election on day!

We are really proud of the resource that we helped to create, and we hope that other units enjoyed it as much as ours did. We can’t wait for the badges to arrive!