Election time for Cumbrian Brownies

Just before the General Election earlier this year, 5th Windermere Brownies, a group with 24 girls, have just held their very own election.

Together with their Leaders the girls learnt about how Parliament, the government and politics affect their lives, through a fun and exciting activity.

The girls were tasked with the difficult job of forming their own political parties, before battling out their policies with each other. After deciding on a name and logo for their party, the girls had to develop their three main action ideas, and discuss how they would fund these. After a discussion over whether ‘Mum and Dad’ could pay for the policies, the girls debated between parties on their different policies.

Leader, Lisa Holden, was pleased with the how the activity went. She said “It was great to see the girls engaging with this activity. They all put a lot of thought into their policies, and it really got them thinking about politics, which is something they might not normally do at their age.”

After each party had debated for their policies, the girls then completed a secret ballot. It emerged that the ‘Clover Party’ received the most votes for their environmental policies which included more recycling bins and water butts for homes and other buildings.

Grace Logan-Stephens, a member of 5th Windermere Brownies, said: “I really enjoyed this activity, as we learnt how to create our own political party and we all got to share our opinions, as well as learning how to vote.”

Young women are one of the groups least likely to vote and aren’t having their voices heard. Girlguiding wants to change that. Activities such as these, not only help the girls’ build confidence through public speaking and debating, but also educate and encourage them to have their say in the political process when they are of age.