Em shares her motivation to inspire more girls to engage in sports!

Hi! I’m Em and I’m a young leader and Ranger. I’ve been involved with the Motivate project, funded by Sport England and the #iwill fund, since August this year and it has already opened so many doors for me.

My journey so far has been incredible, from experiences like my training residential and the delivery of my first session in my Ranger unit, to volunteering at the awesome splash day at Tatton Park. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and all the support that I have received at every stage has made it that much easier to achieve. I’ve made friends along the way too (!) and have connected with so many people that I would never have met without this project; it’s great to be surrounded with like-minded girls who are just as enthusiastic about inspiring more girls to get involved in sport.

It’s also super empowering to be able to mould my sessions around my own interests, from leading a yoga session to my 18-year-old Rangers to teaching my Rainbows to shake their pompoms with some cheerleading routines. Delivering sports sessions to units has strengthened my leadership skills and has improved my confidence – lifelong skills that are transferrable in all areas of my development and growth.  I have been able to develop my skill-set as a young leader too! I am super confident that this will allow me to, one day, become a successful unit leader.

With Motivate, I am reminded of the Girlguiding spirit whenever I get involved in an activity. I am always delighted to see just how enthusiastic everyone who is involved is. I am confident that with this energy, we can get more young women to get involved with sport social action.

Overall, Motivate has helped me to discover new hobbies and interests, as I now hope to become a professional pickle baller in the future. The project has also taught me some important life lessons, like always bring a change of clothes and a hot drink to a water sports day taking place in Winter (brrr!). I hope more girls will get involved in this incredible project and inspire girls in their area and that if you have the opportunity to get involved, just as I did, you grab it with both arms!

The ball’s in your court - let’s make the Motivate movement bigger, girls!