Emily's doing it for the girls: why she's challenging herself to an ULTRA marathon

Emily shares why she's challenging herself to an ULTRA marathon, for the girls.

I’ve been involved with Girlguiding for a long time; initially, I was a Brownie and Guide before returning two years ago when I started university. In fact, my family and I began to volunteer as a lovely way to spend time together while giving back to the community, and it’s proved to be just that! Over the past few years, I’ve done lots of exciting things, from World Thinking Day events to the Liverpool Horse Show, which is where I met my Master’s degree supervisor - it was meant to be!

Now, I have completed my Girlguiding leadership for Rainbows, Guides, and Rangers, as well as achieving my Going Away With license earlier this year. I've also joined the region Express forum and recently began a role as Wirral’s 18-30s coordinator with another fantastic leader, with whom I’m in the process of booking Pax Lodge with, for 2020.

I appreciate how Girlguiding promotes independence, empowerment, and offers diverse experiences for girls to get involved with, which ultimately shapes their future, allowing them to find their passion and nurture their interests; that’s what it did for me, which is why I want to do the same for others.

I want to promote Girlguiding and give back to them, so I thought I would try a new challenge to do so – one that combines running, the great outdoors, and nature - an ULTRA marathon. That’s right! I’m throwing myself in the deep end.

I’m super nervous – if not terrified(!) –  but that’s where the excitement lies right? I’ve had a few knock-backs with my health, and as a result, I am working on my running and stamina indoors, at the gym and on treadmills to prepare me for the ultimate challenge, next summer.  I’ve also enjoyed a lot of climbing too. It’s certainly going to be out of my comfort zone, but I feel confident that I have enough time to train and to be my strongest, best self in time for the marathon!

After all, I really want to spread the word about Girlguiding and raise money for them, so that more girls and young women can have the experiences that I have had – and that alone is motivation enough!  

And you can do it too. Why not join me in my fundraising journey and start your own challenge? I would love a friend for the Ultra Challenge and would love for us to empower each other to take on a new experience with a meaningful edge.

Email northwesthq@girlguidignwe.org.uk, to find out how you can get involved with the Ultra Challenge, or any other fundraising ideas of your choice.