Getting the ball rolling with Sport Social Action

Motivate is our exciting project, funded by Sport England and the #IWill fund; the main aim of which is to engage more of our young members in social action in the field of sport. 

Sports attracts many young people and can provide a springboard to social action. Just over half of young people say that they prefer sport to other volunteering pastimes, yet, 26% of girls aged 7-21 feel like PE is more suited to boys, and that gender stereotypes affect their academic selections (Girls Attitudes Survey, 2017). 

We want to challenge perceptions and empower more girls to take the lead in sport. This project embraces sport to unlock the potential of our members, whilst developing the skills and experience they need for their future. It's all about getting girls to have fun, get active, and to make a difference in their community - all through sport.

Motivate will run until October 2020 and it's our goal to get as many girls involved!

While the main aim of the project is to encourage our young members to engage in social action linked to sport, the second part aims to give young members, aged 14-18, training in sports-related skills and leadership, to empower them to deliver sports sessions to Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, and Ranger units around the region. 

Who says the fun should stop there? Our dedicated region team have now developed this challenge pack to run alongside the Motivate project, with the aim of engaging more members in this fantastic project. 

We know how passionate our members are about supporting and bringing about positive change in their local communities, and this challenge pack will support you to do just that, through sport! But remember, you don't have to be sporty to participate. You just need to be ready for some fun and eager to take on a new challenge. 

The challenge is split into four sections. In order to achieve your badge(s), you must complete one of the primary activities - undertaking a sports social action project in your local area - plus two of the secondary activities, from any of the sections. You must also invite a trained Motivate Sports Young Leader (SYL) along to your unit meeting place to deliver a sports session for your unit. Feel free to incorporate your own ideas and activities (!), if they are relevant to the challenge. The choice is yours and you can have a say in how you make this challenge your own!

The Motivate challenge is suitable for all sections to take part in. You can choose to complete activities on your own, as a unit, or in another grouping of your choice. 

If you would like a copy of the challenge printed and posted to you, we can offer this service for just £2.00. Please visit the online shop to do so.

Badges will be available to buy on Monday 21 October 2019 on our online shop, or in-store: Girlguiding NWE, Guiding Road, Preston, PR2 5PD.

Download the Motivate Challenge here. 

Don’t forget to refer to the appendices for support.