Girlguiding North West England release brand new Engineering Challenge


Girlguiding North West England marked International Women in Engineering Day (Sunday 23 June 2019) by launching a brand new engineering badge,  Clever Cogs – Going Places.

The girl's organisation have developed an extension to Clever Cogs which was launched in 2017. Two years and over 20,000 badge sales later Girlguiding North West England and BAE Systems have collaborated to produce a new, all-section challenge focusing on Transportation Engineering. 

The activities in this challenge will give a taste of the useful applications of Transportation Engineering – through engaging activities such as building chocolate bridges and making balloon propellers. The pack also illustrates inspiring female change who have achieved some of the greatest engineering feats of all time – to encourage girls to explore STEM-based careers and to have a positive outlook on their capabilities as potential engineers.

Sophie Dent, Beth Howarth-Henry and Lauren Eastburn, Engineers at BAE Systems, who make up the G-Eng (Guides in Engineering) team, helped to develop the extension pack. They shared: "We are incredibly excited to have collaborated with Girlguiding North West England again to bring another Clever Cogs Engineering Badge; we had a huge amount of fun thinking of new activities to challenge Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

“We hope that this pack will provide even more girls and young women with the opportunity to learn about what it means to be an engineer; whether that's exploring outer space or using technology to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This pack provides us with the opportunity to show young women the incredible contribution that pioneering female engineers and explorers have made to our society – and hopefully encourage them to achieve something amazing!”

Together, Girlguiding North West England and BAE Systems are enthusiastic about the prospects of the new pack. Leaders in various counties have expressed their excitement to participate in the challenge with their unit members.

Lynda Radcliffe, leader at 41st Blackburn Guides said: “We have saved a big space for the new challenge pack in our calendar. We spent seven weeks on the first Clever Cogs challenge pack and loved every minute of it. My Guides thoroughly enjoyed being mini engineers and learning about the different types of engineering; it inspires girls to know that a career in STEM is not off bounds for them. I have no doubt that they’ll enjoy Clever Cogs- Going Places, just as much as the first engineering badge!”

Alice, 7, Rainbow, said: “I loved the first Clever Cogs challenge because I had the chance to do different types of fun experiments. I gave it 100 out of 100 and can’t wait to do more types of these (STEM) activities which is why I’m excited about the new pack.”

Julie Walton, Region Chief Commissioner said: “We’re very excited to launch this new challenge which we hope will inspire many of our girls and young women into a career that they might not have considered. It was great to see the success of Clever Cogs and now we’re doing it all again with our extension pack. If it inspires just a few girls and young women to join the profession, it'll be a resounding success.”

Find out more about the new challenge pack here