Girlguiding North West England return to Manchester Pride for fifth year running

A group of Girlguiding North West England members championed their pride as they marched for LGBTQ+ rights in Manchester.  

The girls and young women took part in the colourful event on Saturday 24 August 2019 along with hundreds of organisations, charities, and members of the public, to celebrate LGBTQ+ rights.

Girlguiding North West England members have been visible at Pride events across the North West for over five years, including festivals in Crewe, Bury, and Liverpool Pride. The vibrant energy was no different in Manchester.  

Members were thrilled to wave the brand-new banners and placards while wearing their distinct Girlguiding Pride T-Shirts, as part of Girlguiding North West England’s new Pride designs for this year.  

Girl and adult members alike took to the streets of Manchester city and sang their hearts out to girl-power anthems while showing that they’re proud to be part of a space that welcomes and celebrates all girls.

Meanwhile, enthusiastic members engaged members of the public with fun activities at the Girlguiding North West England stall within the Manchester Pride Exhibition. Here, visitors got creative with the exclusive Girlguiding Pride tattoos, as well as getting silly with the extravagant props and Girlguiding North West England photo frame.


Girlguiding members returned to Manchester on Sunday 25 August 2019 to continue the fun and represent the charity at the exhibition stall.

Kate Grimshaw, 21, county residential helper, said: “ It makes me happy to see how inclusive Guiding is. I enjoy being part of such a large community where everyone is encouraged to be themselves. I have been a volunteer for the past few years and what I enjoy most, is getting the message out that Girlguiding is for all girls. Pride is a great way to showcase this value, showing that love is love, no matter what. For my friends and me, Pride is also a celebration to show how much we support each other.”

Natalie Mills, 17, young leader, also commented: “It is a privilege to represent Girlguiding North West England at Pride and to provide a platform to show how we are an inclusive space while showing our support to the LGBTQ+ community. People can often feel alone in the world, which is why it is necessary to have events like Manchester Pride – an event that brings people together, where they can be themselves without judgement.”

Region Chief Commissioner, Julie Walton, said: “It’s great to take to the streets of Manchester to celebrate equality and acceptance and to shout out about Girlguiding North West England – a space where all girls are welcome. Pride events always go down extremely well, and this year was no different. Our members thoroughly enjoyed their attendance and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year’s Manchester Pride Event.

Girlguiding North West England’s attendance at Pride highlights that members and supporters of the charity irrespective of their faith, race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pride events also offer the opportunity to celebrate the brilliant contributions of all Girlguiding North West England LGBTQ+ members, and to reach out to volunteers who may not have considered guiding before.