Guiding Leaders take on D of E Diamond Challenge

Girlguiding members from across the North West have risen to the challenge in this very special year. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) celebrated their Diamond anniversary this year, and encouraged all participants to take part in their Diamond Challenge. All participants, no matter what age, skill or ability were encouraged to create their own personal challenges to help raise funds to support young people e. The DofE aimed to raise enough money to put 2 million more young people through the program - 400,000 of which are disadvantaged. 

From exhausting physical challenges, to overcoming personal fears, our members have pushed themselves to the limit with these difficult but rewarding challenges. Mel Price, Assistant Region Chief Commissioner said “It’s great to see so many of our Girlguiding members completing their DofE Awards. I’m proud of these inspirational women, who have set themselves incredible challenges and take positive action in their communities. They are inspiring female role models who have proved they are a force for good.”

We're so proud of all our members who took part in the challenge and stepped out of their comfort zone to support others. We've featured some of our top challenges below and hope you enjoy reading them. 

Emma Hamilton and Andy Horsfield

Our Region DofE Adviser, Emma and fellow Girlguiding Cumbria North member Andy Horsfield pushed themselves to the limit by undertaking a 6 day hike over some of the highest peaks in the Lake District. Emma and Andy spent their challenge under canvas by wild camping in-between walks.  

Katherine Knowles

Katherine from Cumbria South worked determinedly to achieve her own personal challenge of walking the entire Cumbria Coastal Way, which is over 220 miles. Katherine walked the entire Coastal Way from Silverdale in Cumbria up to Gretna in Scotland over nearly twenty sessions. The route took her through a wide variety of scenery, along beaches, estuaries, river banks and many harbours.

Vicky Williams

Vicky from Manchester County has pushed herself to the limits with her challenge. She has battled through personal circumstances and is on track to complete her 60 km target of cycling. Vicky hopes to keep up with the cycling after the challenge. 

Michelle Wood and Sarah Barnes

Michelle and Sarah worked together to complete their challenge. They both took up running earlier this year. Initially they could only run for one minute, but through hard work and determination they have managed to improve immensely. Michelle and Sarah both completed their challenge by taking part in the Manchester 10km in May. 

Sue Gudgeon 

Sue from Cumbria South, put herself to the test by setting herself the challenge of cycling over 200 miles around Cumbria. She visited every town and village which has a Girlguiding Unit in it within Cumbria South County. She cycled from Walney in the West to Sedbergh in the East; Arnised in the South and Grasmere in the North. 

Ann Lloyd 

Ann from Lancashire East County has been heavily involved in the DofE scheme for over 40 years. To celebrate the Diamond Anniversary and her own 60th birthday she decided to test her limits and give herself a very demanding challenge. Ann completed a three-day mountain bike ride all by herself. She cycled over 90km in the Lake District and covered a grueling 2,638 metres of uphill cycle. 

Sarah Garett 

Sarah from Greater Manchester West County found her challenge one of the hardest, yet most rewarding achievements of her life. She set herself the challenge of running 112 miles in 112 days, which was an exceptionally difficult challenge as she had never run before. Sarah finished her challenge on October 16th by completing the Manchester half marathon in under three hours. 

Colleen Roberts 

Colleen from Manchester County set herself the mammoth challenge of completing half a million steps in just one month, this worked out at on average 16,130 steps each day. Despite having a knee injury, Colleen battled through the pain and swelling to achieve her goal.