Guiding Members Wowed by Swimming-pool Sleepover at Victoria Baths

Over 200 girls and young women from Girlguiding Moss Edge Division near Warrington, Poynton and Rye have just returned from the ultimate sleepover in the historic Victoria Baths in Manchester.   

The girls used their swim in the pool and the sports hall to practice their water safety skills. They were also given a private tour of Victoria Baths, learning about its history and seeing its stunning architecture.

As no sleepover is complete without watching a film, the girls enjoyed a film shown on a screen within one of the dry pools before settling down for the night in their sleeping bags in the same dry pool.

The following day, the girls and volunteers got the opportunity to take part in the Baths first public swim in the building of over 24 years. This was organised as a fundraising event for the Baths, to help increase awareness of this historic gem as it continues to make its journey towards restoration.


Evie, aged 10, who attended the event said “The water was cold in the pool but it was fine when we were swimming and it was really fun. It was so exciting to get to sleep in the empty pool with my friends.”

Alison, Leader, said “As a building that’s still under renovation, it was a really unique place for the girls to sleepover and we’re really pleased to be able to play a small part in helping raise funds for Victoria Baths. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and it was a joy to see the girls having so much fun.”

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