Hello to Our New Assistant Region Chief Commissioner


We're happy to welcome Emma Dixon, our new assistant region chief commissioner, who will give our region a new voice and fresh perspective. Here's what she has to say about the next part of her exciting guiding journey. 

I first became a member of Girlguiding as a Rainbow – my mum very much enjoyed her own time in guiding and was even a Queen’s Guide so she was keen to get me involved as soon as possible. I progressed all the way through the sections and whilst in Rangers, I started volunteering at my old Brownie Unit for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I was instantly hooked (!) and have now been at that unit for five years, just a little longer than the three months I needed for DofE!

As well as being a former Action for Change participant and current Action for Change Network Coach, I am also a member of the Girlguiding Advocate Panel. This role involves leading the direction of Girlguiding’s research and campaigns as well as representing young members’ voices at various media and parliamentary events. Put simply, I absolutely love it. It has really given me a space to grow in confidence, learn new skills, and has, 100%, confirmed my passion and commitment to Girlguiding.

Now for the next part of my Girlguiding journey - I applied to become the Assistant Region Chief Commissioner because it’s a role that combines my two favourite things in life - Girlguiding and a challenge. As soon as I saw the position advertised, I knew just how much I’d love to be the one to fill it, but admittedly, there was a brief moment where I nearly talked myself out of applying. However, the worry that I was too young to be taken seriously was exactly what pushed me to send my application. I want to prove that young people are confident and capable of facing challenges and to show that Girlguiding North West England is incredible for providing opportunities for young women, just like this! 

I am really eager to share my passion for Girlguiding and for our amazing region and I feel that now is the perfect time for me to do so. My other roles have led me to discover confidence and self-belief that I didn’t know I had and I know I will forever feel indebted to Girlguiding for that. This position will give me an even greater platform to promote guiding, and develop strategies to ensure that as many young women as possible benefit from the organisation in the same way that I have. 

It can be really difficult for girls and young women to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. My advice would be that the sooner you stop worrying about what other people think of you, the better. It’s so much easier to follow your dreams and grab opportunities when you can boundlessly be yourself. The message I hope to spread to young members as the assistant region chief commissioner is that absolutely anything is possible when you believe in yourself, so stop letting self-doubt hold you back!

Emma is looking forward to beginning her term by joining in on the World Thinking Day initiatives next month as well as getting to know all our counties.  You can contact her by email: emma.dixon@girlguidingnwe.org.uk.