Lauren on how Motivate has helped her in more ways than one!

When I heard about the Motivate project, designed to encourage more girls to get involved with sport, I was immediately excited. I have always been passionate about sports, particularly those that have historically been more geared for boys, like football; I always enjoyed football but women's teams were hard to come by. 

So, naturally, I was eager to do my Motivate Sport Young Leader training, which I completed back in June 2018. Since then I have delivered a number of sports sessions to Brownies, Guides, and Rangers from cardio sessions to teaching girls throwing techniques. The best part for me is being able to join in and seeing girls having fun while getting active. It’s been great to deliver sessions to a variety of age ranges, each with different abilities, but who all share the same enthusiasm. As a result, my confidence in leading a group has grown massively. 

I also did the Future Girl filming at Region HQ, for a media outlet – something that would have terrified me prior to my Motivate training! I was part of the Future Girl consultation during its initial stages and though my feature was about the Future Girl initiative, I couldn’t help but speak about Motivate as another important part of my guiding journey.

The skills that I have gained from this led me to become an assistant leader at my Brownie unit, helping me to extend my involvement with girls, and to support them even further to grow into confident young women.

That’s not all I’ve been involved with. This summer, I felt ready to take on a new challenge, which was when I decided to apply for the Lancashire East County Youth Commissioner role; I was thrilled to find out that I had been successful. I am enjoying balancing my new role with my Sport Young Leader role. In my role, I am mainly focussing on spreading the word about Motivate and making it easier for units and leaders to access Sport Young Leaders to deliver sessions in their unit. And of course, I've been encouraging more girls to get involved in the recently launched challenge pack. 

I am now more confident, organised, resourceful, diligent, fitter, better at making decisions and more responsible as a result of the opportunities that have been offered to me through Motivate. I am excited about all the other incredible opportunities coming my way, which will continue to contribute to my growth and development!