Staying Active - great for boosting mood & energy!

Amy Cole has written our first Guiding Vibe Blog!

I am currently doing my masters in forensic anthropology and I shoot for UCLan.

I believe that sport is great for boosting your mood and energy, I think it is so important for young people to partake in sport, not only can you build up lifelong friendships but it also fills you with a sense of achievement.

I started my journey in Girlguiding at the age of 5 in Rainbows, I have been through all the sections and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I am now the leader of a Rainbow unit, and aim to help provide amazing experiences like those I grew up with. I have been on amazing trips, pack holidays and camps, my favourite mountain top moment was zip-wiring in Switzerland as a Ranger. One of my favourite things to do as a leader is take part in campfires, the atmosphere is always amazing with the warmth of the fire and everyone singing together.

I am currently a sport scholar target archer and a Level 1 Coach for UCLan and I am on the Lancashire county team, This season myself and a friend won the top barebow university pair in the UK and I won the Lancashire open Lady Barebow category. I love archery because there are loads of different types of archery and it is fully inclusive. Archery allows me to unwind and de-stress from the day. Because you have to focus on where you are aiming and how you draw the bow, it clears your mind. I love the challenges that come with archery and the burst of excitement when you hit the gold or the Polo you were aiming for! 

My Rainbows are too little for proper bows so we took in our 'jelly bow kit' - smaller bows with suction cup arrows, they loved it!! As a coach I then ran proper archery for the brownies on pack holiday. My favourite thing as a coach is helping people achieve their goal then seeing the joy and excitement when they achieve it!

It important for girls to feel confident in sport that they enjoy because it then begins to build your confidence overall and this is so important!! Sport like many areas doesn't always go to plan so building that confidence up allows you to accept when things don't go right and come back stronger. It is so important for women in sport to promote it to younger girls to show them that they can achieve anything that they set their minds too whether it is sport or not.

Sport isn't always easy, there are knockbacks and sometimes people aren't nice but you need to keep it up and power through those barriers with the support of your friends and family because you will feel amazing afterwards, the best piece of advice I have received is "when things go wrong or people aren't nice, you need to be like a duck and let it all roll off your back like water". 

At the start of the pandemic I started to get into gardening to keep active and have been doing bow drills to maintain my technique. The aim for the upcoming weeks is to do some strength and conditioning at home and more bow drills.

Staying active is so important, I have found my overall mood has improved and my energy levels have increased. I have found by being active during the day, I finish the day with a sense of achievement.  By doing things you enjoy it makes you feel better and more positive overall and positivity is so important at the moment.