Thoughful Brownies, Guides and Rangers from Lancaster offer kind words to Australian Wildfire victims


Girlguiding Lancashire North West county members sent cards to Australian Firefighters and Animal Care Workers, who are working tirelessly to alleviate devastating circumstances.

When the girls, as young as seven, from 5th Lancaster Brownies, became aware of the tragic events taking place in Australia, they were all equally prepared to do something to help. The Brownies created heartfelt cards with messages like, “you’re doing a great job” and “thanks for helping the animals”, to offer support and to acknowledge the relief work continuing in Australia.

Ava, 7, said: “I am really sad about the fires and hope that the animals get to be somewhere safe.”

Isla, 9, said: “I am sad but also angry that the fires happened. We need to take control and do as much as we can to stop climate change.”

The older girls - of 5th Lancaster Guides and Rangers - wrote comforting letters to the children who have been affected by the fires, which included messages of encouragement.

Together, the two units will continue with their animal welfare efforts, by sewing bat wraps which will be sent to Australian Wildlife Sanctuaries. The girls are grateful for the support from local businesses and individuals who have donated fabric and wool for the wraps.

Emma, unit leader, shared: “I’m so proud of all of our girls’ and their response to the events in Australia; they are deeply concerned for the wildlife there and wanted to do their best to help.”

Girlguiding North West England encourages girls to support issues and to do their best to make a difference to people, places, and animals all around the world. If there is anything that you can do to help with disaster relief around the world, why not have a conversation with your unit.

Simple, small acts can have a lasting and big impact.