Top tips for planning and delivering a Motivate sport session

Check out our top tips for planning and delivering a great Motivate sport session

Session planning:

  • Use exercises/activities that the unit will enjoy and already know how to do - get in touch with the unit leader before the session to find out what these might include.
  • Use activities that require little equipment, to reduce the amount of time needed to set-up and take-down.
  • Be sure to choose an activity/activity that will engage the unit for the entire session time agreed with the unit leader.
  • Ensure your activities can be easily modified to accommodate any level of participant (according to age, skill level etc.).
  • Be sure to check with the unit leader before the session if there will be any participants with disabilities. Remember, the unit leader will know the young member best, so if you're unsure how best to accommodate them in your session, do ask them for advice.
  • Include a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool-down activity.

Delivering your sessions:

  • Music helps motivate, sets a pace and adds energy and fun.
  • Try to provide enough equipment for all participants.
  • Observe the girls during the session and use positive words to encourage and motivate.
  • Set up activities before the session begins or while the girls are doing warm-up activities.
  • Post signs with pictures and cue cards to indicate where and how each activity is to be performed.
  • Girls with lower levels of physical fitness/disabilities may not be able to do the entire session but should be encouraged to try each activity, with modifications.
  • Monitor how the girls are managing with the activity and be prepared to make adjustments during the session should some or all of them find the activity challenging.

Great! You're well on your way to delivering a fantastic sport session. What do you find helpful when planning a session? Ping us a Facebook or Twitter message to let us know. 

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