We're encouraging girls to take a #SweatySelfie

Did you know that 43% of girls aged 11-21 feel judged about their appearance when playing sport?

And did you know that 16% say that they don’t like looking sweaty and looking unattractive (Girls Attitude Survey, 2017)?

That’s still too many girls who have barriers to sport, despite it being a valuable skill for her future. 

So, to support International Day of the Girl 2019, we’re encouraging girls to take a #sweatyselfie, whether it’s during an exercise class, gym workout, or a power walk…to prove that we’re girls and we’re not just pretty.

We’re pretty strong, pretty active, and pretty sweaty!

Join us, take the lead, and let’s empower each other to show the world that #GirlsCan be Unscripted, Unstoppable, and Unfiltered.

Take a #sweatyselfie and tag someone to take theirs! Don't forget to tag us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, don't forget the hashtag, #sweatyselfie.

Leaders, why not get your unit's blood pumping and take a team #sweatyselfie. A downloadable sheet is available here. 

We can't wait to share your sweaty selfies!