Where does your money go?

In 2022, like every year, Girlguiding will ask each member to pay a ‘subscription'. Do you ever wonder how this is broken down?

Every year in February, all Girlguiding members - both girls and adult volunteers - pay a membership to Girlguiding.  This is collected through your unit, and some parents and carers may be unaware of this membership payment that makes their Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Ranger a member of Girlguiding. 

In 2022, £21 will go to Girlguiding HQ and will be used for national projects such girl-led PR campaigns, our core programme, learning and development, GO, recruitment campaigns, charity management, safeguarding, data protection, insurance and fundraising. If you would like to know more about how the £21 you pay to Girlguiding is invested, visit the main Girlguiding website here.

£8 will go towards the investment in the future of Girlguiding North West England. This contribution covers key elements, ranging from essentials such as insurance and legal protection, to our exciting large-scale events and seasonal merchandise. For more information on how your £8 is invested in the work of our region, click here.

Your county, division and district may also add a further levy which will help fund training for volunteers, area events, and local campsites and buildings.  This means that members will pay different amounts, depending on their area.

If it’s likely that your unit will struggle to make the payment, there is a lot of support available to you at different levels (district, division and county), so please contact your local commissioner as soon as possible so they can provide the relevant support for you. 

If you have explored district, division and county support, and will still struggle to find funds for the invoice amount, your unit may apply for Girlguiding North West England’s Subscription Support Grant. Please carefully read the criteria and, if you feel as though you are eligible, please submit your application as soon as you can.