Ramble Round the Region

Ramble Round the Region is a challenge in partnership with Ordnance Survey, we’ve been working together to create this exciting challenge for you.

You might not be aware, but the month of May is National Walking Month, so we’ve created the challenge pack to encourage members from around the region to get outside, enjoy the outdoors and walk as far as they can!

The main part of this challenge is for members across the region to challenge themselves to walk as far as they can between May and September 2022, you can do this as units or ask families to take part. You can log your miles with us, we’ll be sharing how to do this with you nearer the time and we'll be keeping track on how far everyone is walking each week.

In preparation we are staring pre-orders for the pack, which is a map, and the badge.  As soon as they're ready to go we will have them sent out and you can purchase these below.  You can also print the map yourself, but it would need to be printed on A3 paper at the very least.  Click here for the download. Links to the other parts of the challenge can be found here.

This pack contains some fabulous activities, to help you and your units with map reading and navigation skills as well as learning some interesting facts about our fantastic region. Maybe you'll be able to visit some of them as a unit, district, division, or county or perhaps some of you will visit them with family members. Whatever you do we hope you enjoy the pack. There may be a prize for the unit who manages to walk the furthest distance or visits the most interesting place in the region. Please make sure you keep us updated with what you are up to, by logging those miles and tagging us in your photos on social media.