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It’s really important that Girlguiding volunteers, members, their parents or carers or anyone else can raise issues or problems. How the Girlguiding complaints team deals with concerns depends on what the concern is.

Girlguiding Complaints

Informal complaints

Most Girlguiding complaints don’t need to go down the formal route and can be resolved informally with your local leaders and commissioners. This is often the quickest and best way to deal with an issue.

Complaints you might resolve informally include concerns about joining enquiries, waiting lists or how activities are run.  If you think your complaint can be resolved informally, speak to your leader or local commissioner, and try to work out a solution.

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If your complaint can’t be resolved informally, you can take it to our Executive Manager at the regional office. They will then work with you to identify the next steps to resolve.

Please email your complaint to

Formal complaints

If your complaints can’t be resolved informally, or it isn’t appropriate to raise them directly with your unit leader or commissioner, you should raise them with our Complaints team at Girlguiding HQ. This is known as making a formal complaint.

You must read about what kind of complaints the Girlguiding Complaints Policy covers before contacting our Complaints team. Please note that as volunteers investigate complaints about local guiding, timescales can vary.

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