All Things Guiding - Our Self-Care Activity Pack, Part 2!

You loved our 2020 Self-Care Activity Pack 'All Things Guiding', and launching on #TimeToTalk day 2021, here's even more wellbeing activities for Guides, Rangers and volunteers!

So create some time for yourself and enjoy some soothing colouring and gentle dot-to-dot for grown ups. There's top tips to avoid stress and a handy self-care planner, plus some some fabulous face mask recipes to make at home, and a whole host of yoga poses! For something a little more taxing, we've got a couple of word searches and a number chain puzzle.

We hope this pack brings some calm mindfulness into your life - we all need a bit of that right now! We would love to hear about your mindfulness journey and to share your experience on our website and social media pages, in the press, online and in our promotional material, so that our members of all ages, potential members and potential supporters can be inspired by everything you've done. Drop us an email to get in touch!

So find a quite and cosy space, and get started with your me-time here!

And of course, the pack wouldn't be complete without a badge, and you can get yours here, through our online shop. 

Please spare a few minutes to complete this short survey upon completing the challenge.