Clever Cogs Challenge - Going Places

With the support of BAE Systems, we have developed an extension to the hugely successful Clever Cogs Challenge. Going Places is our new pack which is themed around Transportation Engineering. 

Transportation Engineering surrounds us all in our day-to-day lives – although we sometimes forget just how important it is. Without this sub-category of Civil Engineering, we wouldn't be able to cycle into town on a sunny day, drive our cars to our weekly unit meetings, or board that plane for our exciting Internationals! 

The activities in this challenge were created to give a taste of the fascinating and useful applications of Transportation Engineering. The pack has been designed to complement the 'Have Adventures' theme of the new programme. From Chocolate Bridges to Snowy Science,  the innovative and hands-on activities aim to inspire the female engineers of tomorrow. The pack also captures some of the most groundbreaking engineering feats of all time - achieved by women who believed in their capabilities and refused to be told otherwise. 

The Clever Cogs challenge is suitable for all sections to take part in. You can choose to complete activities as a Six, Patrol or Unit…or another grouping of your choice. 

To find out more, download the challenge pack below. FAQs are included in the pack.

If you would like a copy of the challenge printed and posted to you, we can offer this service for just £2.00. Please visit the online shop to do so.

Badges will be available to buy on Monday 26 August 2019 on our online shop, or in-store: Girlguiding NWE, Guiding Road, Preston, PR2 5PD. 

Download the Clever Cogs Challenge - Going Places here.

Download the Clever Cogs Challenge - Going Places Print Friendly version here