Clever Cogs Challenge ~ Making Waves

This challenge is an extension of the popular Clever Cogs Engineering Challenge, and is themed around Marine Engineering. It is a little bit different to the previous challenges; in the Making Waves challenge you will follow the activities in order and, at the end, you will use the knowledge and skills you have developed to complete the final activity - building your own submarine!

Each activity will give you a taste of a different kind of engineering that you might find within the field of Marine Engineering and, after each activity, you’ll read about some incredible female engineers who have achieved something amazing in their field! In addition, you will find that each activity has a section giving you an overview of a career path that you could pursue within the field of Marine Engineering, inspiring you to one day become a Hydrographic Surveyor, or maybe even an Inventor!

So download the pack now, get all your equipment ready, and tackle the six activities to find out about buoyancy, water pressure, how materials interact with others, how structures on the sea bed have to withstand extreme conditions and how to work at low water temperatures! Wow!  

Click here to download the Clever Cogs ~ Making Waves Challenge Pack!

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Click here to read more about the young female engineers at BAE Systems who have created the challenge pack for us!

And, for their answers to the questions you posed at our Making Waves launch event, click here.