Girl Power - Electricity North West Challenge

Our Girl Power challenge, developed in partnership with Electricity North West, has electrifying activities on electrical safety, energy efficiency, and more...!

The challenge is designed to spark your curiosity about the world around you and explore ways in which electricity works in your everyday lives, as well as to help you understand the importance of energy efficiency and how small changes can make a difference to the environment, and save money.

The challenges in the pack are designed to be informative and fun. Some can be completed alone, others in groups, and several are full unit challenges and offer an opportunity to compete against others for unit prizes….. let’s see who has the best ideas!

You will learn how to stay safe around electricity and understand what to be aware of and why anyone, especially children, should stay away from the power network.

About Electricity North West (ENW)

Electricity North West (ENW) keep the electricity to 2.4 million homes and 5 million customers flowing every minute of every day ….. did you know they have £12 billion network assets and power is distributed through 13,000 km of overhead and 44,000 km underground cable, 96 bulk supply substations, 363 primary substations and 34,000 transformers?

Electricity North West are committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers, and are especially pleased to be working with us in the hope that these fun challenges will spark an interest in science and engineering and that, one day, you will be working with Electricity North West helping to shape the future for electricity users.

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