The Clever Cogs Engineering Challenge

This engineering challenge has been developed with support from three, young female engineers at BAE Systems. 

Engineering surrounds us all in our day-to-day lives – even if we don’t always realise it. Although it is a field that is often overlooked, without engineering, the iconic pyramids, Stonehenge and even the International Space Station would not exist. There are also applications of engineering on a much smaller scale – from computer chips to medicines and aircraft to bionic limbs, to name a few. The activities in this challenge are designed to show some of the exciting and useful applications of Transprengineering.

From exploding volcanoes to mechanical hands, these innovative and hands-on activities aim to inspire the next generation of female engineers and scientists. It also features profiles of some of the world's most inspirational and pioneering female engineers.

The Clever Cogs challenge is suitable for all sections to take part in. You can choose to complete activities as a Six, Patrol or Unit…or another grouping of your choice!

To find out more download the challenge pack below. FAQs are included in the pack.

Badges are £1 each and a badge order form can be found at the back of the pack, and below. All proceeds from the sale of the badge go towards supporting our Region International Trip participants. 

If you would like a copy of the challenge printed and posted to you, we can offer this service for just £2.00 (to cover the printing and postage costs). Please email us at with your postal address and send us a cheque, payable to 'The Guide Association NWE'.

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