Top Tips for Virtual Guiding

We've created some top tips for virtual guiding - to make your online guiding experience as positive as possible!

Top Tips for Virtual Guiding

1 – Firstly, don’t feel under pressure! Everyone finds themselves in different circumstances at this time, so only do what you can do and what is feasible and practical for you.

2 – If you do decide to try virtual guiding, ensure you are following Girlguiding’s guidelines on how to run safe virtual unit meetings at all times. The key points can also be found here on the Girlguiding NWE website.

3 – There are many ways to undertake virtual guiding; it could be a ‘normal’ unit meeting, virtually, using an online platform; you could set up a closed group on social media on which to share activities and challenges and on which the parents/carers or girls (depending on the age group) could share their results; you could set up a WhatsApp through which you could share activities and through which parents/carers or girls could respond with the results, or you could send activities via post, or, if your young members are local to you, post activities directly through their doors.

4 – Make sure the activities you choose are adapted to suit everyone – is it likely everyone will have the equipment needed or the space required for the activity?

5 – Scavenger hunts and quizzes have been a really popular choice for virtual guiding, especially for virtual unit meetings held using an online platform  – scavenger hunts can be for all sorts of items; young members could find the items that they need for the meeting’s activity or find as many items as they can that are red, or that begin with the letter ‘R’. Scavenger hunts can also be produced for young members to find items whilst out on their daily exercise, for example.

6 - Don’t forget that young members and adults alike can still make their promise virtually – a virtual promise will certainly be one to remember! The region online shop is still open for essential programme items, should you wish to order promise badges for your young members.

7 – You can easily welcome new members to your virtual meetings, just as you would to a meeting held in your normal unit meeting place. Be sure to check your new enquiries, as well as your waiting lists for girls due to transition from another section. We’re sure they’d love to join in your virtual fun!

8 – Why not hold a virtual sleepover! Young members could sleep inside in tents or handmade tents or dens. Some super brave young members might even camp outside! You could send around a schedule so all participants are doing the same activities at the same time, and perhaps gather together for a virtual campfire at a set time using an online platform.

9 – Remind your young members that they can undertake interest badges in their own time. Why not feature an interest badge of the week each week – giving your young members an overview so they can get started with it.

10 – Remember that, like you, families will have different commitments at this time, so you may find some young members are unable to join in as much as they would like. Where possible, ensure that any activities you undertake are made available to them so that can complete them in their own time.

We've also created a Handy Hints and Tips section on our website, just for you! Here, you'll find some various hints, tips and resources as you volunteer with us. Don't forget to check back for any updates.

Above all, have fun!