Using GO to maintain accurate records

Closed / 19:00 - 21:00 / Zoom

Join us for the first session in our GO mini-series.

This session will focus on using GO to maintain accurate records. Find out how to add girls' interest badges, UMAs and Skills Builders and see progress against theme and section awards.

There are two other sessions in this mini-series:

• 8th October (1pm) - Managing your waiting list – This session will look at how to use GO to manage your waiting list, from an initial enquiry, right through to creating a new starter form, and show how GO can support you to welcome new members.

• 13th October (11am) - Maintaining accurate young member information – This session will help you to record and maintain accurate young member information. It will show how to take the new starter form and update girls' information and understand parent access. It will also cover moving girls' to new units and moving up to new units.

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