Young Members

Rainbows (5-7) 

Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, try out cooking and play the most fun games. 

Rainbows learn and grow through a programme of age-appropriate activities, trips, and adventures - both in their regular meetings and at special events.

They can work towards interest badges, where they can learn about everything from recycling to storytelling, and start their skills builder journey, developing core skills and trying new things like camping, leadership and first aid.

There are even awards they can earn, like the Rainbow Gold award and the six Theme awards, that show their commitment and encourage them to take pride in their achievement.

Brownies (7-10)

Girls in Brownies have incredible experiences together, make brilliant friends and discover the world around them. Every time they meet up, Brownies learn new skills and take on challenges as they work out what they want to be and do in the future.

Brownies is about getting together regularly - often each week - to work on badges, learn new skills, play games and see friends. Brownies become members of a 'Six', a unit with a name such as Badger, Fox, Mole, Squirrel, Hedgehog or Rabbit. In their regular meetings, girls will try new things – they can work in groups on skills builder activities like Live smart or Network and have fun all together with unit meeting activities.

That's not all - Brownies is all about trying adventurous activities and going along to special events, day trips, sleepovers, camps and holidays. As well as trying activities in their meetings, girls choose from interest badge, in their own time,  related to things they want to know more about from Archaeology to Inventing. 

Brownies can feel proud of their achievements with awards for each theme and work towards the Brownie Gold award – the highest award a Brownie can get!


Guides (10-14)

Guides have an exciting and varied programme designed to inspire and challenge girls. 

What you do in Guides is up to you, from taking part in lots of exciting activities at regular meetings to special events and trips away. You will choose from different badges and awards which will help you learn new skills and try new challenges, choosing from the wide range of badges, skills and activities covered by six programme themes.

Guides can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community action projects. You'll create your own campaigns, learn and share new skills and fly down the occasional zip wire. You'll explore new places like fun camps, international experiences, and exciting national events like the Girlguiding Big Gig and Wellies and Wristbands.

In Guides, you'll find girls who want to go on adventures with you, who encourage you to try new things and who celebrate when you've pushed yourself to achieve something special. As you progress through Guides, you'll have a chance to lead small groups and support younger girls to have fun and make friends. You could even get involved in leadership opportunities!

So whether you want to try a new sport, have a go at performing, run a debate or brush up on your first aid skills - you can. If there's an issue you really care about, Guides is a chance to make a difference. You'll be encouraged to speak out about what matters to you.

Rangers (14-18)

Rangers meet up regularly, have fun doing activities together and are recognised for their achievements with badges and awards. Whatever you want to do, Rangers offers a range of unique opportunities. In Rangers, you'll follow our programme of interest badges and skills builders while taking part in amazing challenges, travelling the world and developing skills. Not to mention the fab Gold award, and Theme awards, that will help develop your skills and interests in lots of different ways!

The programme offers a range of activities and challenges that motivate members to try out new things – it could be learning a language, playing a musical instrument, running a marathon, camping in the wild or volunteering overseas. 

Rangers can undertake a wide range of awards and qualifications. These include the Leadership Qualification, which qualifies them to run guiding units for our younger sections, the internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, the Queen's Guide Award, the Commonwealth Award and other prestigious awards specific to guiding.

Members can also take part in our successful Peer Education Programme. Young women can become Peer Educators trained to run sessions on issues that affect girls and young women such as binge drinking, bullying, stress management and sexual health. They can also make their voices heard by, for example, joining the guiding delegation at the British Youth Council, or having a say in the future of guiding by attending the Girlguiding Innovate meetings. 

Rangers is a brilliant way to try new things, have fun and give something back to your community. Whether you're already a member or are just starting out, we'll give you a host of opportunities to gain leadership skills, build a network of friends in your area and enhance your CV.

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Inspire (18-30)

If you're aged 18-30, you can be part of our community of young women having adventures, gaining skills and making memories to last a lifetime.  Whether you want to travel the world, build your CV, support girls or simply have fun with new friends, you can do it with Girlguiding. There are loads of ways to get involved. Some of our opportunities are through volunteering with local Girlguiding units, others you can do on your own. 

All our opportunities fit into one of seven pathways or two themes:
  • Adventure and Challenge
  • Beyond The UK
  • Events Experience
  • Sharing Skills
  • Developing Others
  • Voice and Action
  • Learning & Awards
  • Just For Me
You can follow one particular pathway. Or, because we're all different, mix and match to create a new path just for you. You can apply directly for national opportunities or join our Inspire Facebook group, or contact our Region Inspire Adviser to find out more about Girlguiding Inspire here in Girlguiding North West England.