Budgets and Loans

There are plenty of resources on the national website to help you manage your unit finances. There is also a dedicated spreadsheet to help you keep track of all income and expenditure, as well as lots of information about how to claim gift aid – and how this can help boost your unit funds. You may also have a treasurer or chair of finance locally who can offer help and support, as well as local training opportunities to help you if needed. 

Where you are planning a larger project, you should draw up a budget and seek professional advice, where appropriate. Within your budget, you should have a contingency element to cover any unexpected expenses. You can raise funds through a variety of different ways and can also apply for a loan from a recognised bank or another financial firm.

Girlguiding North West England will be happy to help with any support and guidance, but is unable to offer any direct financial support – whether short or long term. Funds raised by the region are for its specific purposes and, as a charity, we are bound to use the funds for that purpose. We are not a regulated lending provider and, as such, are not able to offer loans.

We will, of course, share any information about grants or funding sources and can offer support and guidance in any funding bid you may submit.

You may want to check out our fundraising guide which is available here.